Bear & Fox

Hey guys! I haven’t wrote anything in a really long time so I should probably fill you in on what’s going on.  I moved back to Minnesota right before Thanksgiving. Texas was amazing and warm but I missed my family a little too much to be that far away.  I learned so much while I was there and I’m glad I can say I tried it!

As for now, I moved into a beautiful country home. The pastures are perfectly set up so hopefully when the weather starts to get bearable I’ll be able to take in some horses. My plan is to do tune ups after the horses have had a long winter break and possibly lessons for people of all ages. For those of you that might not know, I moved to Texas for about 4 months to train horses.  What I learned while I was there really built my confidence in many aspects of horsemanship and my ability as a rider.

Another exciting event that happened recently was getting my two puppies! I got a handsome Blue Heeler puppy on December 29th.  His name is Bear and he stole my heart immediately.  Later on, I got a cute Red Heeler pup named Fox. She’s a little shy right now but such a sweetheart.  In case you’re not familiar with the breed I’ll give you a little info!  The real name for these dogs is Australian Cattle Dog. They were bred to herd cattle over rough terrain and long distances, making them tough, sturdy dogs. My plan is to start introducing them to our cattle herd and train them to be great working dogs but also gentle pets. If they both turn out to be excellent working dogs, in the future I plan on raising pups that will inherit the herding/working ability of their parents. I really like this breed because they’re loyal, intelligent, hard-working, and gritty. To say the least, I’m excited for the future with Bear and Fox!
To my readers, thank you! I’m going to try to be more active and write more than I have been lately. I’d really like to hear your ideas of writing topics or questions that you may have for me. Also feel free to contact me about horse boarding/training/lessons. You can contact me through email or on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.
Much love,
Brooke Louise26772044_1849309042026878_1389167731_o26693252_1849309062026876_698896816_o26828663_1850450255246090_933628750_o26781598_1850450401912742_2125982351_o26772522_1850450445246071_2118017036_o





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