UPDATE: Bear & Fox

As most of you know, I have two Australian Cattle dogs that are pretty much my life.  I take these dogs with me everywhere.  They even come with me to work although they aren’t always very helpful! They are now both around four months old and it is definitely their toddler stage! I left Bear alone for two seconds in the car and he ate two pieces of pecan pie while sweet little Fox just watched him.  Of course, I couldn’t get mad at him because have you seen his face? 28942781_1877985402492575_252351658_o

I had a DNA Test done on Fox to ensure that she was 100% heeler since she is not registered yet.  The test came back that she was purebred! Of course I would have loved her either way but it is comforting to know if I decide to raise pups they will be purebred.  When she gets older I will be able to send in the test results, pictures, and health documents to get her CKC Registered.

They are both enjoying their days, growing into their ears, chewing on horse hoof trimmings, and playing fetch for hours.  I haven’t been on a horse ride since I got them that they didn’t come with.  Bear and Fox are completely spoiled and loved yet they’re tough, gritty farm dogs that don’t think twice about following me on horseback for 5+ miles.


I can’t handle all the cuteness…28945739_1877985432492572_463215508_o

As Bear got older, I noticed he has a cute pink stripe down the middle of his nose!


Meal time is a big deal for these guys! The Basset Hound in this picture is Sherlock, my mom’s dog, over for a visit! They get Diamond Naturals Puppy Food, a small amount of coconut oil, and occasionally a few tablespoons of Alpo wet dog food!

Thanks for reading all about my little animals!

Much love,

Brooke Louise

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