Answered Prayers

“O Lord, I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them.”

When I read this verse I need to take a minute to fully appreciate what is being said.  It’s so easy for me to get comfortable in my routine of reading the Bible that beautiful verses like this one start to seem dim. That’s why I need to consciously make a decision every time I read my bible to take my time, pay attention, and soak up every word.

Something that I love about the Bible is that I might read a verse and feel like it relates to me so much and someone else can read the same thing and also have a personal connection with it.  Every verse can mean something personal and specific for each person. Every verse was written for me and every verse was written for you.

So let’s talk about this verse. Not only is this a praise to God but it’s also a confirmation of God’s sovereignty, love, and the attention He pays to all of us.  Just think of anything good that has happened in your life. Everything that you have been blessed with is a gift from God.  He has planned each one long before you ever received them, already knowing what your wants and needs were going to be. How cool is that? Not only does our God do amazing things but He knows about it before we can even think of them.

I want to give an example of a personal experience I’ve had of this in my life. It may seem small but I believe God puts passions inside of each person for a reason, and for me that was horses. I remember being a little girl, living in a tiny house in town, playing with my collection of Breyer horses, and praying desperately for a real horse of my own. As I got older, I gave up on that. It seemed silly to even think that would be possible for the life I was in. One thing that’s hard for me as a human to grasp is God’s timing. It doesn’t always happen right when we want it. Looking at my life now, I can say I have witnessed God answer my prayers. I was blessed to be raised from age 14 in a lifestyle that made my passion grow and gave me the opportunity to learn and excel in it. Now I have my own perfect, little herd of 3 mares and I couldn’t be more thankful. God knows what you need and most of all, WHEN you need it.

Sister, Fergie, & Twisted


4/8/2019- I wrote this post MONTHS ago and let me tell you what, God sure knows what He’s doing! I write everything with the hopes that it will connect with others, even just one person, but I also write to keep myself accountable and stay on track. Lately, I’ve reaaaally been slacking and not keeping myself in the Word or being diligent in my relationship with God. I haven’t made a blog post in a long time but something urged me to open my saved drafts today & that’s when I read this post and realized God had inspired me to write it long ago for this day when I would search & He would bring me back to it.





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