Available Horses

LF Horses and Heelers has no horses available for sale at this time. Check back in the spring!

Limited number of training spots for 2019!

Riding lessons are also offered once a week. Lessons are for any level of rider. Schedule is flexible!

Call/text Brooke @ 218-526-0702

5 thoughts on “Available Horses

  1. Pls send more info on. Size. Has he been around cows. Sorting. Any vices.. Thx for time. Look forward to hearing frm you. Diane


  2. Hi there,
    I am interested in Starsky as a therapy horse for my program.
    The only thing is thst I would need to make payments as I am serving kids and women who have suffered domestic violence and sexual trauma currently in a shelter. So, my work with them isnt paid for.

    My perfectly naughty would work well too, but I already have one horse that comes up lame occassionally due to navicular issue. So, Im not sure. I would like to talk to you about her though.

    If payments are a possibility, I would really like to talk to you.

    Thank you for your time.

    Btw…your tobiano Buddy looks just like a paint I had in AZ. She was a big girl too. My heart stopped for a minute when I saw him. ❤


    1. Hello! Could you tell me about your therapy program a little bit and I can let you know if I think starsky would be a good match. Like do you do the therapy in an enclosed arena, are the people riding by themselves, do you have walkers on either sides of the horse? How much would the payments be? I would love to see a horse get used for something as important as that! ❤️ you can text me back your response if you would like my cell is 4693071704. I look forward to hearing from you!


  3. Have you sold Buddy yet? How tall is he and would you consider payments? I know you dropped his price to $2,500. You told me to make you an offer. I live in northern Minnesota.


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